Useful Information

Time Zone

The time zone of all of China is China Standard Time (UTC+8), which is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). There is no summer time in China.


Currency and Exchange

The Chinese currency is known as the RMB with the unit Chinese Yuan (CNY), which utilizes the decimal system, with one Yuan being equal to 10 dimes or 100 cents. Foreign exchange agencies will be available at all international airports. For updated currency rates, please see:



China’s electricity supply is 220 volts, AC 50Hz. Electrical outlet plugs of Type I are commonly used in China (see ). Please check if you need an adapter for your electrical equipment. If you stay in Zhongguanyuan Global Village and need an adapter, you may contact the front desk for help.



You must ensure that you have adequate personal insurance to cover your travel and health as neither the Organizing Committee nor any of its service providers can be held liable for loss or injury while at the university / conference or on any of its tours or activities. Normally, if you pay for your air ticket by credit card, you should have an automatic travel coverage. Please check this with your credit card provider and airline.